Two steps if you have a responsibility for employees

By Francine van Broekhoven | August 26, 2020

Huge costs are involved in a sick employee, with fewer health risks, you can save a lot of money. The absenteeism rate may fall if one knows what they can do preventively to stay healthy. Indeed we do not have to be sick to still get better.

It is a minimal investment for maximum efficiency. Valuable staTweff can not be expressed in money. Outside your company too, even at home one will so much appreciate that you’re aware of the health of the man or woman who is employed by you.

My experience is that a memo with fun activities on a memo board often does not work. Like a discount voucher for the gym, a chair massage in the office, corporate stop-smoking activities, yoga classes in the cafeteria before the start of the day? etc etc. It does not work in the long term because they think their doing well, but there is no evidence to prove. The motivation to continue then stops.


These are the 2 steps

A simple and inexpensive way to keep employees healthy:

Step 1

Allow your employees to come to one of our practices in the Netherlands, Belgium or London. A thermogram will be made in only 1 hour.
A thermogram is made with a high resolution infrared camera (FLIR). By using software, we can send these images to the interpreter who can interpret these images. The interpreter will make a report which will be send to your employee. A thermography consultation lastst about one hour.

Step 2

The thermography report will be explaind to your employee by telephone. Preventative steps are explained. After about 10 days your employee (worker) will have a calling consultation with the thermographer. She has a medical background and knows how to interpret the reports. In this (on the phone)meeting we will discuss the specific areas mentioned in the thermogram. Directions for improvement of health is given immediately. If it is necessary there will be a reference given to docters, osteopaths, chiropractors or therapists from our network.

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how it works

Which examinations can you choose?

First time breast study:

You come for the first time for a screening. In this complete study 9 pictures of your breasts will be taken from different angles. Breast Screening is important because it is in an early stage an can show changes in the field of physiological processes that can develop into breast complaints. Price: €245,-

Follow up breast study:

After your first breast study all other agreements are seen as a continuation and are offered at a discount. A follow-up study is important to establish the baseline. Later these images compared to see if there have been changes. The follow up is recommended 2 to 3 months after your first screening. Price: €195,-

Baseline breast study (2x 30minutes):

Two breast examinations are called a baseline. In three to 6 months, two studies gives the greatest accuracy that we could want with thermography. During these months, you can make improvements in the tissue of your breasts. The remarkable patterns that we had seen at first thermogram and the differences we see in the second thermogram together for us are the Baseline. Which is your blueprint. We use this Baseline always if you would like to come every year (2 year) for a breast examination. These pictures are then compared to see if there have been changes. A follow-up after three or six months is for the doctor to decide who wrote your report. There is yet another reason for making a Baseline. If there are malignant cells present in the breasts than we know they multiply on an average of every 90 days. In a second measurement after 3 or 6 months we get it a more accurate thermogram. Thermography has an accuracy of 95% to 97%. Price: €415,-

Womens health study including breast examination:

This choise includes the entire breast study, abdomen, the back, posture, head and neck. A study that is looking for signs of inflammations. Sometimes we see patterns over the breasts, but the cause can be in the mouth or even the spine. Also problems with carotid artery and other early signs of cardiovascular problems can be seen. Prevention is an increasingly important part in health care. Early detection of changes in physiology can help prevent problems. Price: €345,-

Mens health study:

The most popular screening in men becouse of heart and blood vessels. In addition, also images are taken of the head and neck in order to look at sinuses, dentals and the state of the thyroir and carotid atery and the possible causes of headache. Many desieases begin with inflammation which can be detacted in an early stage wwith thermography. Price: €345,-

Full body study:

In this exam, a thermogram of the entire body will be made. From head to toe 31 images of your body. Besides the above studies, also included are the lower back, arms and legs. Special attention is given to the blood vessels. This is my favorite study because we get a picture of the whole body which will give a clue of what the theme is for this person. Where does one need to start with getting there health back? Price: €475,-

Why is Thermography preventative?

That requires a little more explanation. Each disease goes through six phases. (Dr. Hans Reckeweg described it)

Imagine phase 1 is a simple cough, nothing wrong and will pass again. But if we do not do anything it sometimes gets worse and then we are at stage 2 or 3. We get something from over the counter and we will not visit a doctor because we do not think much of it. If we ever get into phase 6 then the process is irreversible. Phase 6 means a very serious form of total disruption of health.

The image-forming material in the hospital use X-ray, MRI and ultrasound and are looking at tissue changes. There must be “something” demonstrably changes in the tissue before one can see “it.” Eg a lump, cyst, fibro adenoma etc.. With these techniques the doctors are looking at Phase 4.

Thermography is watching from the inflammation Phase 2 and up. Thermography sees the changes in the physical processes which can sometimes develop into a disease process. We see inflammations that can not be seen on X-ray. Inflammations are the precursors of longlasting unhealthy processes in our body. We get a ‘sneak preview’ of how we are really doing. Healthy or could do better??

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