Medical Thermography

With thermography we perform preventive thermal examinations into the functioning of the body. The breast examinations are safe, pain-free and provide insights. This is suitable for all women.

Don’t wait until you’re 50+ to think about what you can do to keep your breasts healthy, start today!

What we can do for you

Medical Thermography

The Green Nurse has 10 years of experience in Medical Thermography. Click the button to learn more about Thermography, the examinations and pricing.

Training Medical Thermography

Follow the 4 day training program and become a certified Medical Thermographer.

Public speaker

The Green Nurse likes to spread the word about everything that has to do with breast health.
We are not into boring powerpoints with a lot of text. So our presence raises questions, stirs up dust, answers your how-healthy-breasts questions.

The Book

Breast Health Handbook and Medical Thermography

So many woman have no idea what they can do to keep their breast healthy, and panic attacks them when they feel pain or something they don’t recognize. This book can help with your breast health questions. 90% of breast complaints are related to lifestyle and by making the right choices you can take back control and understand what your lovely breasts really need. A part of those choices is breast examination. What is medical thermography and how can you benefit from this.

This book is all about putting awareness and knowledge back into the hands of women.

Maybe you want to read this book for more information, that’s a great goal, but with this book you will get a deeper knowledge about your body and the function of your breasts in your health as a whole.

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Our Mission:
A lifetime of healthy breasts

It’s time for women to wake up and ask themselves what they can do to keep their breasts healthy. They must be supported in this with a research method that is safe and radiation-free and is also suitable for women from 23 years of age.”

~ Francine van Broekhoven

Join the 4 day training program Medical Thermography

and become a certified Medical Thermographer