Our mission:
Find your path to personal and preventive health through Medical Thermography

In a world where health is of immeasurable value, at The Green Nurse, we embrace the power of Medical Thermography as the ultimate tool for personal and preventive healthcare.

Our mission, rooted in the vision of founder Francine van Broekhoven, carries the legacy of her conviction: ‘A lifetime of healthy breasts.’ We aim to guide our clients on a journey towards a life full of vitality, resilience, and well-being, while promoting breast health and offering preventive examinations through thermography.

Francine’s journey began with a deep desire to make a difference. With a staggering one in seven women in the Netherlands receiving a breast cancer diagnosis at some point, Francine felt the need to take action. She delved into the world of breast health and realized that women need to be better informed. It also became apparent that access to preventive examination methods like thermography is vital. Her passion turned into a mission, driven by the desire to raise awareness among women and provide them with tools to proactively approach their breast health.

In addition to the crucial focus on breast health, at The Green Nurse, we also offer full-body examinations for both women and men. We believe that a holistic approach to health is essential, where understanding the whole contributes to individual well-being. Francine and her team of expert thermographers share a common dedication to guide, educate, and support people on their journey to optimal health.

In line with Francine’s words, our mission is to awaken women and make them think about how they can keep their own breasts healthy throughout their lifetime. We recognize that awareness and prevention are the keys, and that safe and radiation-free examination methods like thermography are invaluable for women of all ages.

So, when you choose The Green Nurse, you are choosing more than just a service – you are choosing empowerment, awareness, and a partnership in your journey towards well-being. Together, we embrace the power of Medical Thermography to promote your health, pursue a lifetime of healthy breasts, and lead you towards a future where prevention is the key to a radiant life.

Francine van Broekhoven

She is an expert on breast health. She has conducted thousands of breast exams using medical thermography, helping women gain a better understanding of how to keep their breasts and bodies healthy.

After making 5000 studies, Francine has completed the training to interpret thermography studies. You’ll get your report from Francine unless you’d like a doctor’s report.

Francine is not only a certified medical thermographer and trainer, she is also President of the international professional association for thermographers, the iAMT. Francine is a speaker and author of the “Handbook Breast Health and Medical Thermography

Team Members

Frauke Boer

Medical Thermographer

Monique Nab

Medical Thermographer

Cindy Paudyal

Medical Thermographer

Thea de Fonkert

Medical Thermographer

Ilona Nijmeijer

Medical Thermographer

Irene Westerdijk


Ilse van Broekhoven

Webshop manager

Stein van Broekhoven


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