What is Medical Thermography

What is Medical thermography

Medical thermography is used to perform preventive (breast) examinations into how the body functions. We investigate physiology and not anatomy. With medical thermography we get a report that indicates where improvements in health can be achieved, certain patterns “indicate….” and that can be used for follow-up research or for treatments.

For example, we refer to chiropractic, acupuncture, naturopathy, homeopathy, functional medicine doctors, etc.

With Medical thermography we do not get a diagnosis, but a report that shows where improvements can be made or it gives a clear reason for further research.

Medical thermography is based on the measurement of the temperature at the surface of the skin. Our ultra-sensitive cameras measure this temperature millimeter by millimeter and turn it into color images. All temperature differences are measured; even the differences smaller than 0.05 ° C.

The body emits heat up to 0.6 centimeters under the skin. If something unusual is going on in your body, that particular problem signals the central nervous system. This then ensures a redistribution of blood from the skin. This sometimes makes a place unusually cold or warm. It is precisely that asymmetry or abnormal temperature of that area that indicates that something unusual is going on. So we measure the temperatures on the skin, but the relationship of the central nervous system and the skin makes it possible to say something about problems that take place deeper in the body.

In other words, the surface of the skin functions as a television screen where information can be read between different bodily processes. With the help of the infrared camera, this information is made transparent, after which it can be interpreted. Of course we use the best, most advanced software and Flir camera for the latter.

How it works

The investigation is done with a camera. There is no radiation and you are not touched. The thermograph remains at a distance of approximately one meter from you and makes recordings from different viewpoints.

A breast exam using medical thermography is:

  • Painless and 100% safe (no radiation, no pressure)
  • Reliable and accurate
  • Suitable for all breasts (incl implants and amputations)
  • Can be used with any cup size

How it Works

Useful breast care advice

Thermography provides clarity about the health of your breasts. You will receive a personal report for each thermogram. It states what level of care you may see in your breasts.

The possible risks are divided into levels. At the highest level we refer you to your doctor. At the lower levels we give you all kinds of useful advice to take care of your breasts (even) better; De Groene Zuster is specialized in that! By putting these advice into practice, you can keep your breasts nice and supple and healthy - for a lifetime!