What is the work of an interpreter of medical thermography?

Once the thermographer has done his or her job in the clinic, the study will be uploaded to a physician who will make a thermography report of this study. We call this a thermogram. This interpreter will also follow guidelines and protocols established by the American Acedemy of Thermology.

With special software the interpreter is able to look at the images and read the history that has been taken by the thermographer. Looking at asymmetry in temperatures is one thing, looking in other pallets is another one. But bringing all the patterns together in an understandable theme for the client is the most important job of the interpreter. Even the thermographer must be able to understand what the interpreter is meaning, because he/she needs to clarify that in the phone appointment with the client.

It is important for the thermographer and the interpreter to have contact. They must both use the same language, the same clock for breast images and history.